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March 2011

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Introducing Princess Pretty Warts

Meet Princess Pretty Warts. She is Elka's second cousin. Tomorrow she will be flying to Seattle to join others of her kind from all around the world at Schmancy for the Plush You! show that will be taking place next month.

Right now I am totally loving my new set of 24 different colors of sharpies that my husband brought home for me! The possibilities are endless. I want to draw on everything. Especially fabric.

Let me tell you about a little romance that has been happening here. Sad Sap (by mypapercrane) fell in love with the knitted pink bear. Together they sit on Chairy and dream of their future. The knitted pink bear was made by one of the ladies that lived in the same retirement home as my Grandma on Long Island. My Grandma bought him for me years ago at one of their crafty lady sales. He is happy his true love finally came along. ♥ ♥ ♥


aw, i wish schmancy was in l.a. - congratulations on your show!
thanks! I wish I could go to it myself. yu look beatuful.
ooh...I love Princess Pretty Warts..she's so cute..warts and all!
Those markers do look tempting..what a nice gift!
thanks, ya, he so good to me. :)
ooooh I never saw those. neat!
sharpies are so much fun to play with :)
I love her! Her pink pom wart goodness, so great! I really wish I was ghoing out to shop at the show, that would be awesome!
I love the romance too! made me laugh out loud...knitted pink bear is perfect!~
thank you. I almost called her barbie warts.
its funny, bear and sap are on the chair upside down now. lukas always gets into things and then puts them back kind of exactly how he found them. could I be lucky enough for that to last forever? probably not!
Wow, I've never seen a wart be adorable!!
maybe they should use her in a wart remover stuff commercial?
God, that's so adorable!
I love your warty ones.
thanks. that sounds funny. hee.
I adore Princess Pretty Warts! Ariana would absolutely love her to pieces.

I also have major Sharpie envy. Your husband rocks.
hehehe! he totally rocks! :)
She's a real beauty!! Wish we could all go to that show:)
I think Princess Pretty Warts is my favorite so far, followed closely by Mr. Friday Night. And those Sharpies! I've been tempted to buy the big pack, but so far I've only bought a few colors here and there. I've never loved a marker so much!
give in! the big pack is so worth it! hehe
I love it when you post pictures of your new monsters. They are always so great and make me laugh! What are sharpies? I can see that they are textas, but are they special textas?
I am glad they are good for a laugh!
well I have no idea what a texta is, but a sharpie is a permanent marker. I use them to mark on everything! sharpie.com