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March 2011

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Tomorrow is my birthday. Whoopdiedoo! I made a sale on my website for everything 25% off. Yay!

Here is the painting I mentioned a few entries back. It's called "Snacky Sea Snake." The wood is from the guts of an old reel to reel speaker panel. You know, the kind where the whole unit is built into a big heavy piece of furniture. We still use the thing as our dining room buffet table, but all the ancient technology has been removed. Three fabric panels fill in where the speakers used to go. This is going to be in a group show in Nebraska all about fantasy creatures. I'll post more info about the show when I have it. Sorry this picture is so washed out. Anybody wanna get me a new camera for my birthday? ;)

I liked the fur frame thing so I added it to this old painting I did too. First I added the clouds. Now I think it is finally complete! Fake fur is good for just about anything. Duct tape is to MacGuyver as fake fur is to Jenny.


i LOVE them both!! your stuff always makes me giggle.
oh, and happy birthday! :P
thanks! ah, the desired result achieved!
Happy early Birthday!!!
And they are both awesome!
thank you! :)
Nice nice!
And happy birthday!
Virgo powerrrr!
ah I see you are Virrrrrgo too! thanks and yay!
Love the Faux fur frames!!

thanks. I can see myself going overboard with the faux fur fames in the near future...
I love the paintings!!!!!
Would you mind a late birthday card????
Thank you! You mean sending one? I'd love it. :)
Happy Birthday! The colors look pretty vibrant to me - maybe you need a new monitor instead!! :)
I tried Photoshopping it closer to the original by pumping up the contrast/saturation. Hmmm maybe I should have said over exposed instead of washed out? The snake part still doesn't look quite right. The second painting looks right though. Over here anyway. Gosh, I hope it's not my monitor! We just got a new laptop a few months ago!
Oh no, I was kidding about the monitor thing - just trying to say the photo looked bright and colorful :) But yeah, it's hard to get things to match up exactly to real life - most of the time I try to get things to look Not-Real.
Happy birthday!! /plupp-plupp
thank you annika!
happy early birthday!
thanks :)
Happy birthday !!!! / etaile :)
thanks :)
Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great one. Love those furry paintings!
thanks Hillary!
Happy Birthday!!!

Those paintings RULE.
thank you very much!
Oh those are soooo fun, and i hope your Birthday is too!!
thank you Charlotte!
that mixed media piece is amazing!! Are you going to sell it or keep it for yourself?
Thank you!! I've sent it off to be in a group art show where it will be for sale. If it comes back to me unsold I will sell it through my website.
good luck! I'm sure it will find a great home:-)
I like this snake!
thanks :)
Happy Birthday!

And your pictures look great - I especially like the painting in the second one. :)
Happy Birthday sugar dumpling!
teehee thanks
Congratulations!!!! And i like the second painting the best, really cool!
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!
Happy birthday!!!


I agree. The paintings are really bright and fun and fanciful!!

And happy birthday!
OOops, I forgot to log in.
happy birthday!