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March 2011

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Plush Week!

It's almost Plush Week! I've sent this little group of nincompoops off to Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles where they will be hanging out with hundreds of other soft and stuffy friends. I SO wish I could go to this.

This is Luver. Pronounced LOOver. He is a new guy that I made especially for this show. He looks like he is so happy and in love but deep down he is a desperate lonely soul. He eats Linzer tarts every morning for breakfast and starts each day fresh with a new positive outlook on life. He tries so hard - it's not his fault he is unhappy. It's a chemical imbalance. Luckily, there are pills for that, but they don't stop the nightmares.

I would have loved to create all new creatures but since I was invited to be in the show only very recently, I took some of my current designs and reworked them with new fabrics. This is Dogwood, cousin to Apple Tree. When he is around it is always springtime.

I've also redesigned Sprinkles. I've been meaning to change him up a little for a while now. I found the perfect ice cream cone fabric! On the old version, I stitched all the waffle lines and it took forever. It was fun the first few times, but I knew I had to quit that before I went waffle crazy. I also made the ice cream out of fleece instead of satin because it just seems more ice creamy. More cozy too! I'll probably find some brighter ice cream colors next time I make him though. The strawberry needs to be more strawberryer and the chocolate more chocolatey. His eyes have grown twice as big as well. I didn't have any of the smaller size left so I figured I'd try these mega googlies. No turning back now.

This is Sniffley Cremoi. He is a world traveler and knows all about art gallery shows. I originally made him for the This Is Not Art festival that was held in Australia last September. After the show he was sent back to the United States on a slow boat that took 3 months! He had many tales to tell. He even told me that he was born on the top of Mount Everest. I knew the truth, and he was born in Ohio, so after that I couldn't trust anything he said. Then he told me how much he liked traveling so I sent him off to L.A.

Double Devil is the last of the group. He isn't new, but he is a popular favorite especially around Valentine's day. It's always hard to get a good picture of him because his red fur is so bright. He looks better in the group shot.


man oh man i LOVE the new sprinkles!!!!!!!!!! the BIG HUGE eyes and the skinnier new fabricy legs are perfectly amazing. wonderful, adorable, i love the rounder shape to him - ARgh!!!! and that cherry. gosh he's great. is he permanently redesigned or did you just do him for the show? it looks like he's on tippy toes.

hehe sorry for going on i just think hes FABULOUS. if i order one on your site do i have to specify i want the "new design"?

thanks so much!!! sorry somehow I missed replying to comments on this entry. Anyway, he is still marked sold out on the site because I didn't update the new picture yet but I can just send a paypal invoice if you want him. :)
i would love to adopt sprinkles! you can invoice me at argh@kidpirate.com

thank you kindly jenny ^-^
i love double devil!!!!!

p.s. where do u get all your eyes from?
thank you! I buy them in big bulks from all different places.
Double Devil is AWESOME! Congrats on all of them! Amazing work!
thanks very much!! :)
they are amazing,love them,how does one go about ordering the wonderful sprinkles??
hi I just realized I missed some replies over here. sorry about that! If you would like to adopt this ice cream too, it would be no extra shipping, so a savings for you! :)
How much is sprinkles?
I love Luver! The new design of Sprinkles is so cute, I love it! And Sniffley has alway sbeen my favourite of your plushies since you posted him before the other show he went to. I love his little story about travelling around and telling a few fibs ;)
I love them all! aww Sniffley Cremoi is my favourite, with all those spots... SO LOVELY!!!!!!! I wish I could go and visit the shows!!!!!!
if i lived in your house,i'd have to hug each stuffed animal every day! (i'd never leave!) they really cute and well made!
I love Sniffley! If he does not sell at your show, would you be willing to part with him?
thank you! he was sold.. hopefully I'll get to make another one :)
I dont know if it is crass for me to ask, but how much would he cost if you make a new one? I just need to know how much to save! :) Thanks!
not crass at all, no worries. :) He is $35. Just let me know if you want one!
OMG! I love Sprinkles & apple trees new look!
:) not yet, but I can make one for you. would you be interested in a trade? sorry to take so long to reply. I missed this bunch of replies somehow. :S
yay! I want a necklace! But now I see you have gone and made it hard by adding new ones. hmmm...
all of these are super wonderful, like straight out of a dream. want one! ♥ !!!
the apple tree is wonderful!
i will DEFINATLY be attending this!!!!!!!
just to go see your work!


They look great together!! My favorite has to be Dogwood, cousin of Apple Tree. I love the colors!