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March 2011

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For Us By Us
Stained Skin
Columbus OH

This is a group show of artwork by tattoo artists. I am the wife of a tattoo artist who knows the owner so I was lucky enough to join this show. The whole family went to the opening the other night and it was pretty fun. There was some awesome work on the walls. Some of it was traditional tattoo style art and some of it was not very tattooey at all. Lil' Lukey entertained everyone with his constant butt wiggling. He loves to dance!
Here is my entry. It is done in watercolor inks. My husband does these amazing watercolor paintings so I wanted to try out his medium of choice to be part of the tattoo show. It was fun but I have a lot to learn. I haven't painted with watercolor inks in years. I love the bright saturated colors that you can get as a result of layering wash after wash. I hope I'll find time to do more painting like this. I need practice drawing too! Seems all I ever do is sew anymore.

Plush Week!
Gallery 1988
Feb 7-14

Did anyone go to the Plush Week opening? If you took any pics or saw any online anywhere, will you share with me please?
Here is one link my friend sent to me.
More pics in Tsai Fi's journal!

Pics of the dolls I sent can be found here, one entry back.

Swear to Save
CBGB's 313 Gallery

This is my bear for the Swearbear custom figure show that starts next week.

I took some pictures of the process of making him. First I took the figure apart by putting it in a bag and boiling it for a short while like a frozen dinner. They explained to us how to do this on the website for the show. It softens the vinyl and makes it easy to pull apart. Then I painted each piece with absorbent ground. This makes it so it can absorb paint like paper.

Then I made some watercolor ink washes and dipped his parts like easter eggs. I am not sure what I was trying to acheive but I kind of liked the results. Inbetween dips I painted some clouds on and after it was all dry I coated it with some irridescent acrylic paint. Mark said it looked hippie-like tie dye style. It's supposed to look like sky because his name is Thundy, God of Thunder.

Then I cut off his ears and painted half of the head black. It looked like a half moon cookie! Yum! It was hard to get the pieces back together so I softened them with a hair dryer.

That's as far as I got with the process pics. Next I made a mask for him to wear and snake for him to hold. I needed a place to put the mask down so I put it on this nearby jug of pennies.

Here's a closeup.

The snake is made from a felted sweater that was sent to me from herownlagoon. I've been getting great mileage out that felt! Thanks again Emily!!

Mark made an awesome bear too! He just started a live journal. Maybe he will post pictures of his soon. </a></b></a>twinmelvis


You're swear bear looks great. Tell Aaron and Steve that I said Hi. I went to the Plush Week opening, check my journal for pics. Your plushies were right next to mine. It was super crowded, there an insane amount of people there that were totally into it. Some stuff was selling for $200 and up.
Great pics!
I'm not going to that show either. :( You know Aaron?? How? Which Steve?? !!! :)
you is busy!!!!!
your bear looks AMAZING!
Thanks!!! Ya bizzy bizzy as always. But pictures make it seem busier than for real. I did the painting in one evening after kiddo went to bed and the bear took two evenings. Most of the time I am just being mommy. I just think all day about what I am going to do when he sleeps or is playing contentedly, and then I dive in.:)
Thank you! :) The bear was 7" before I added the mask. I didn't measure it with the mask, maybe 10"-11" ?
that bear is awesome! the mask, everything...just amazing.
thank you very much!
your bear is awesome! what a fun project.
Thanks! Yes, this was pretty fun to do. :)
I just love that bear! He looks so cute w/ his eyes peeking out of the mask!
peekaboo! thank-a-you!
The show pics look Great!!!
I want one of everything:)
And your bear is cracking me up!!
heehhe that's nice. laughter is the desired result. :D
That bear is great!!!!

this is SO awesome! i love the tiny mask you made. egads!

also, i love the idea of people sporting tattoos of your work since it's SO inventive. maybe someone will be inspired to do so after this gallery show, eh?
i guess i mean more people should get tattoos of your work. i forgot about the ice cream cone tattoo momenarily! :)
hehe thanks. that would be funny if someone got that bear tattooed on them. ??? I definitely wanna make more tiny masks. I think my Blythe might need one. :)
I'm always in awe of your work Jenny! I promise myself I am going to own one of your creations someday! Or three.

I love the way Sprinkles looks now! That cone fabric is perfect!
Aww thanks that so sweet. Ask someone else to get one for you for your birthday. ;)
Thanks, I was thrilled to find that cone fabric too. Like angels started singing when I saw it!
Wow, very cool watercolor! A pal of mine is getting tattooed at Stained Skin this week so I'll be sure to check out the show! :)

Oh and hi! I joined your mailing list after attending the Craftin' Outlaws and the Plush Rush shows, and noticed you had an LJ!
Hello!! Thanks. Nice to meet you. Who's doing your pal's tattoo?
I'm afraid I don't know. But they're just a couple of blackwork pieces, one on each of her shoulders, so I imagine really anyone there could do them. :)


Your swear bear is awesome! You did a great job. I really love it :)
thank you anonymous friend
swear bear is utterly utterly cool!!!
Have fun with the expo's!
thank you! I wish I could go to all these events in person but they are too far away. :(
thanks for the links on my blog! :) Your bear looks amazing!!
yer welcome of course. Thanks!! Heidi, I always forget to check your blog now that you are over there. note to self: must remember! fun stuff going on! did you go to the tattoo convention in philly? and your stump is so cute. looks like he and apple tree can be friends. :) In toy school I invented a toy called "life in a stump." It was a smashing failure but I still love stumps forever!!!
He is so cool. I knew it was yours right away when I went to the auction website. Does the absorbant ground work better than gesso on vinyl? I painted a Munny and the paint rubs off when I turn his head and move his arms.
thanks. :)
Absorbent ground gives you a different look than gesso. It will accept watercolor to look almost as if you were painting on paper. If you want to make graphic clean lines, there's no reason to use the absorbend ground. (it's also expensive!) I did have a little rubbing off at the joints. Very little, you could hardly notice, but I was very careful not to move the limbs around too much. I think the thicker you lay on the paint no matter what stuff you use, the more likely you will get rubbing off. Luckily for me, the figure was white and my paint job was pretty random so the little rub off just kind of blended in with what I did.
i love your painting....and i can't seem to get enough of your monsters!!
thank you you're so sweet!
aw....i can't help it....

oh, if you would like, check out my new group, pretty_otsu. i just started it and i am hoping it will take off pretty well...


Clutter Magazine

Hey pal! Mr. Pickles saw your bear in Clutter magazine. (Article was on Swearbear exhibit) Thought you might want to pick it up if you haven't checked it out yet! Yahoo!
ok, weird! i just googled my lj name and found this entry! :)

you're welcome! i knew you would put the felt to good use.
Oh that's funny you just saw this! haha. Yes, the felt has been so great and put to many uses. Thank you again! I even started felting some of my own sweaters because it has just been so great using it, and I needed to replenish my supply! I never knew how great the felted sweater fabric was, but had wanted to try for a while before you sent them. That reminds me... I have been meaning to send you something. I am very slow. :)