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March 2011

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Amour Chiffon starts tonight!
12 furry fellows have traveled to Canada to take part. If you are in Montréal, go check it out!

Here is a picture of the whole bunch of them.

I think this shaggy Autumn Elka is my favorite in the bunch. I used a very worn old velveteen men's shirt for the antlers. I don't know that I have ever touched any real antlers, but the texture seems very realistic to me. Sooo antlery!


I love those two, too!
Hee hee. Antlerlicious!!!

I have a soft spot for the little white ghosty guys.
awww those ghosties are named "blood ghost" hehe.
thank you. it's true, I knew that shirt would come in handy one day!
I thought they were mounted ont he wall! That would look awesome!
Lovely stuff hun!
thanks, yeah that is what I should do with my softie collection.. hang it on the wall, that would be great!
Oh sorry I didn't mean jsut to get it off the floor/table etc but it looks like it was a crazy alien deer head mounted for display in a den. Very rockin!
Eee! They are all so hilarious and cute. Yes yes, LOVE those antlers!!
haha thanks. yes, everyone looks better with antlers on, don't they?
Oh my Jenny, I'm totally in Love with these Autumn Elka(s)! Would they ever be available in your shop? I think my Elka2 would be happy to get new friends :D
Hi Francesca! Thank you. I am not sure because I can't keep up with my shop anymore! There are always so many things, I need to install a better shop! But I do have another Autumn Elka here, so we don't really need the shop if Elka2 needs a buddy. :)
Oh really!? Wow Jenny, thank you so much! I'm going to email you right now. If you could send me an invoice I'll be super happy to order you one and send you my NY address.
You made my day :D


for sure! do you still have the same email address? :)
Love the bleedy eyes!
hehe thanks he is named "blood ghost"
so cute, love the antlers!

I actually visited the show earlier this evening, and all your critters seemed to be getting along fine.

I took a few pictures too!
Oh wow! I wish I could have gone. Will you be posting pics on your journal? :)
I will be eventually posting pics, but for now I have them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/checkersumthing/sets/72057594074638711/

It was tough to take pics though because there were so many people! And it seemed like people were definitely buying, as the cash area was constantly busy. Hopefully it will work out well for you.
oh those are great! thank you for sharing. Would it be ok if I put your link in my next entry? who is the genius behind the lemon creature and the ones you and your friend liked? I love those!
Your most welcome! You can definitely post a link, or if you prefer you can download them (or I can send them to you) so you can post them directly.

I'm really not sure who made those creatures we really liked, it was more of a spur of the moment picture, and I can't remember who made them. I tried looking through the list of artist links with no luck. I may have to go back to find out :)
Your work is so inspiring! :)
thank you... I LOVE FIZZGIG!!!


Haha, me too!
hi, i added you, your plushies are so cute! feel free to add me back.
Hi me dear :) I hope you don't mind, I added you to my friend list because I really love your work! I can't wait to have the money to buy one of your creations :D
Hi! Thank you very much! I don't mind at all. :)
HEY SUP :D wow, i LOVE these xD! particularly the antler-ed ones. i hope you don't mind that i've added you. also, would you be interested in swapping banners? hope you're having a nice monday ^_^!
Hi! Thank you!! I don't mind at all. For sure, my banner is at the bottom of my links page on my website: http://www.jennyharada.com/links.html


You have a new fan club in montreal. Have you seen the pictures of the show?
Over here:

yay! plenty of stuffed creations to make my day :]
this stuff is truly genius!

i added you :P i hope you don't mind~
the last one is crazy cute. i hope you don't mind that i add you.

Amelia Reyes

Hi! We have a mutial friend in Amelia Reyes aka 'lil slugger. She was wonderful enough to send me a tree with eyes you made. I just started a blog and a flickr account. I'm madmadcrafter on both. I've added you as a friend, hope that's ok. Kindest regards, Ren aka madmadcrafter
hey, will apple tree be available any time soon? i really love him. my friend introduced me to your designs and i absolutely love them.
do you have a myspace?
mine is www.myspace.com/jamike

seeyah soon!




Hey Jenny, love all ur stuff, keep up the good work!
Katie xx
I added you to my friends list because I am IN LOVE with your work! :) Just way too cute! hehe
where have you been? You haven't posted in awhile!
HI!! I just made a quick post! I've just been realllly bizzy zizzy.... :)
hey, it's koyolxauhqui

just wanted to add you to my humble hat journal.

you're such an amazing inspiration.