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March 2011

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Ornament Thursday: BONEFLAKE tutorial and pattern

The Impatient Blogger spoke of Ornament Thursday and I wanted to join the fun. It's a little past Thursday in my time zone, but it's still Thursday not very far away. This is a redo of an ornament I made a few years ago. It is a nice ornament for somebody who is punk rock or somebody who likes doggies. Have fun!

What you will need:
black wool felt
white wool felt
iron on backing
white pencil
thin sharpie
a pin
a needle
a small piece of batting
black and white shiny seed beads
white, black, and silver thread
printer for printing out the pattern

Print out the pattern (click here.)

Trace two snowflakes on the black felt with the white pencil.
boneflake step 1

Iron a small piece of iron-on-backing to a piece of white felt. Trace the bone on the iron-on side 12 times using the sharpie.
boneflake step 2

Cut out the pieces.
boneflake step 3

Iron the bones on to the snowflakes like so.
boneflake step 4

Stitch some beads on for a festive touch. Use white thread for the white beads and black thread for the black beads.
boneflake step 5

It doesn't matter what the backs looks like, but here's what mine looked like if you were wondering. All the knots should go on the back.
boneflake step 6

Cut a snowflake out of batting and make a sandwich with nice sides facing out.
boneflake step 7

Stitch around the edges with silver thread. Work the batting into place as you go. Try not to let any fluff escape out of the edges.
boneflake step 8

Add a loop of silver thread to hang it.
boneflake step 9

Hang it on a tree. Enjoy!
boneflake step 10


OH!!!! That is sooooo cute! Thank you!!!
I love this!!! And those googly eyed guys are the best...I see them poking out down there...


Love These!

How do I love this?! Let me count the ways! This is SO CUTE! I see some Snow Birds lurking there! Avalon will not let me hang ours on the tree because she says she needs to "snuggle it."

Thanks so much for playing!

Rock on,
Margot (aka The Impatient Blogger!)
so awesomely rad..

i just got the plush you book and i was so excited to see you in there.. i just finished my very first plush today!! you inspire missy thang.

i have one of those from a ornament swap we were in through glitter! ITs one of the favorite ornaments on my tree!
Oh wow I am so happy to hear that! That was the one with googly eyes, right? I don't even have one of those, I gave them all away!


Yes! I hope to get a tree today (if we brave the roads!) so I was planning to take pics of my favorite ornaments, including that one!
so adorable!
This is totally rad. I have no idea how you cut those bones so perfectly every time. If I saw this in a store I would assume that they were die-cut.

What would you charge for something like this if you were going to sell it?
It takes a steady hand. Years of playing "Operation" haha. And the iron on backing makes it stiffer and easier to cut than plain felt. Well I just added it to the etsy shop if you are interested.


That is awesome. I love it, but I don't have a puppy. What could I substitute for a kitty?


I don't have a puppy. What could I substitute for a kitty?

What should you substitute for bones on the boneflake if you have a kitty?

Why fish, of course! And then you'd have a fishflake! :-P