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March 2011

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Ornament Thursday lives!

True Love Family

Ornament Thursday lives! You may remember I posted some ornament tutorials in December. Well a fine group of ladies decided to keep the project going and I said I'd play along. Today I was playing with paper pulp. I made this little mobile a few years ago as a Valentine for my sweetie. It is made of handmade paperboard hearts and then painted and drawn on and sewn together. We now have an extra family member so it was about time I added a little dangly heart for her along with the rest of ours. I'll share some pics of the mess I made along with the final result and links to the other ornament projects tomorrow. Because tomorrow is actually Thursday.


My sandwich winked at me. He was all, "Yeah you know what kind of pickles I like!"

So there was this air bubble in my bread. It surprised me when I took it out of the bag. I wonder if there is way to strategically place air bubbles in bread? I have been baking a lot of bread lately. I did not bake this loaf, though.



super cute!

this is super cute. love all the doodly goodness!

That sandwich is adorable, by the way.


Your mobile is so pretty! What a great project for Ornament Thursday.



This is SO SWEET! It radiates the LOVE of your family! :-) Hali



What a wicked cool Valentine mobile! I LOVE IT! Okay and I wish my bread did that!

Thanks so much for playing!

your Love Story project

I liked this so much, I joined live journal to tell you so!!!

jean yates

Re: your Love Story project

Thank you Jean!


oh sweet(the project) and saucy(that sassy slice of bread!)


How cute? I wish my daughter still liked to make valentines.

LOVE that mobile, it's beautiful.

Tee, hee....that bread is too cute.
Thank you lady!


Super-cute! I think when I move, the sandwich's eyes follow me! :-)

Cindy Gimbrone Beads

Love it

Wish I could play with paper pulp today! It's sweet and edgy at the same time--how do you do that?!

And the bread is a hoot!


Re: Love it

haha thanks I guess I am just strange that way. ;)


Re: Love it

What a nice idea - I have just the one little boy, but I could definitely see making one for our house, too.

ooh, the ornament is really cool looking, I like how the drawings are sort of doodly and graffiti like! And Mr Sandwich is cute! Yum, half sour pickles.
thank you very much! Now I need to have another one of those pickles. mmmmm


I like making paper, too. Good textures and it's kind of meditative. And that little toasty would make a super cute valentine!