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March 2011

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happy trees

Here's my little something for the Bob Ross tribute show at Stained Skin.

fabric collage + beads & sequins and a little embroidery, 24" x 20"

(yuk, I need a new camera!)
For the grass, I cut up this awesome green vintage coat that I have been debating whether to repurpose for years now. I've owned this thing forever and never wore it, so I figured I might as well cut it! My sucky camera just did not do it justice, so here is a scan of the fabric.

I wish I could have worn this coat but it was just so impractical with it's shortish sleeves made for a time when ladies apparently always wore long gloves. It fit really nicely otherwise and was pretty cool. I should have at least taken a picture of me wearing it. Damn. Oh well, now it won't be hard to cut into it further when I want to use it to make some creatures!

Anyway, I am going to add more details to this thing when I get it back next month - more animals and flowers and bushes and stuff. I need to do something fun with the frame too. Maybe paint it red? I just ran out of time.

My husband drew this comic for the show and I thought it was great so I wanted to show it off here too.


i love it. its so pretty. great work. and gotta love bob ross :P
forgot to say how good the comic is.

oh and i wouldn't paint the frame i like it the way it is.
thank you and thank you! He will be happy to hear it. Really you like the frame? It's kind of gross up close in person. hehe.
Happy Little trees! yea!
hey there! I saw you on glitter, and that you posted this was for a show at stained skin...and i said "erm....ohio stained skin?!" and sure enough it was. my best friends live in columbus so i'm there often, and i'm having jeremiah from the newark stained skin do my chestpiece. small world! mind if i add you?
hey there! yep, ohio it is! for sure, add away! :)