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March 2011

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Current obsession : mini cookie cutters

Hey there! RAWR! I took over this blog, and then I got distracted by hibernating and being a big lazy bones. Actually, I don't have any bones. So I did not write so much on this blog since the takeover. Hey so what! RAWR! I have been laying around in the sunny spot on the big bed when the grownups are busy doing important things. See how sunny it is? My eyes are filled with sunshine!

laying in the sun

I have a lot of things to tell you about. The people of this house are obsessed with teency weency little cookie cutters. They cut cheese and fruits with them and make silly things to eat. See how cute they are! Awwww! I could just eat the little cutters themselves!


This is some kind of silly thing to eat. They should have made it to look like me. I don't even know who this silly face is supposed to be. I will tell them to make one in my likeness. Do you think I should threaten to eat the humans if they don't comply? No, on second hand, that is not very nice.

cheese face

Here is a closeup of the diagram that came with those cutters that sparkle so lovely in the sunlight. It is a mystery what the black food is. Can you read Japanese? Oh please you must tell me what it says! I am going to make some blackberry fruit leather in the dehydrator after I have a my four o'clock tea. That will probably work if I can't figure out what the mystery food is.

black food mystery

(Originally published at Harada Blogada)


the black is likely nori (seaweed) which is often used to accent cute bento lunches for kids in japan :) it adds a salty crisp lightness to foods - yum!
I tried to cut some nori shapes but it didn't cut too good. They have hole punchers for making shapes with nori! I want them so bad! They didn't have any at my local Japanese market, so I think I will have to order some. I found them on ebay. Perhaps it is some other kind of seaweed. In the picture on the packaging, (not the part that is shown above,) it looks kind of wet and gooey!
before you place an order for a fancy nori punch, check your local arts and crafts store - paper punches work just fine on dried nori, and come in all SORTS of different fun shapes! you might even have some already!

there are a few kinds of nori, I know; I always get the thin sheets of "paper" kind - having wet and gooey black stuff "decorating" my lunch is not my idea of appetizing! ;)
Oh yeah I can't believe I didn't think of that! I do have a bunch of those punches! Well they do have really cute face shape punches. I won't rush to buy them though. Maybe for my birthday! :)
That makes me think - I want to try the fancy edge scissors on nori too. I wonder if it will work. I have tons of those!
Oh and the mystery has been solved! Click the diagram above to go to flickr and check it out.
ah hah!! also, there was a very subject-appropriate post on just this topic over here in the bento lunch community. :)

looking forward to seeing your future creations!
Very cool. Thanks! Now I am going to go add the bento community! :)
I had my friend sam check out the flickr page, i think he was able to help?
Yes thank you that was very helpful! I can't wait to try it! :)