Joyous vernal equinox

baby hug
A special visitor spent some time with us. He has now gone home and I miss him so. I had so much fun giving him a huggah! I Hope to see the baby again soon!

pillow eats baby
I think maybe baby liked the Devourer pillows better than me. I am not jealous.

I am so happy that spring has sprung! Today the tree in my bedroom bloomed. That hibiscus just opened up and said, "Let's get VERNAL on this EQUINOX!" Then I said, "What's a VERNAL?" Then we both laughed and I promised him I'd move him outside when the weather gets warm enough, so he can enjoy more direct sunlight. Little does he know that I am going to chop him up and make many baby hibiscuses from his twigs. It may hurt him a little, but it will be so nice to have baby trees to give away to friends. I've received word that babies from previous years that are now living in different homes are blooming nicely now too!

Perhaps the things that I am most excited about today is that I found out last night that I am related to the man in the moon! I was out getting a good look at the Supermoon at around midnight when I was able to see in detail the resemblance between him and I. So I skyped him and we had a grand old chat about our great-great-great grandma in common, Ethel Marmalood. It's good to know people in high places. He said if I ever need help with anything ocean related, he's got pull.

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Mung bean sprouts on Saturn

This is a short backwards story. These bubbles are the babies of the Saturnian Bleeb and some overgrown mung bean sprouts. She says they are her babies but you know what they say about beans and toots, so I am not sure what to believe.


The Saturnian Bleeb discovered the sprouts. They had only been on the surface of Saturn for about seven hours before she rolled along. She loved them! She ate them all up and didn't save any for anyone else on the whole planet!

mung bean sprouts

The sprouts sent themselves to Saturn because they decided they were too overgrown to be eaten here on earth. Here you can see the sprouts planning their trip.

Saturnian Bleeb discovers sprouts

If they were to be eaten by earthlings, they would have been delicious with some carrot ginger dressing and sliced Jerusalem artichokes. Let me know if you want the recipe for the dressing.

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Current obsession : mini cookie cutters

Hey there! RAWR! I took over this blog, and then I got distracted by hibernating and being a big lazy bones. Actually, I don't have any bones. So I did not write so much on this blog since the takeover. Hey so what! RAWR! I have been laying around in the sunny spot on the big bed when the grownups are busy doing important things. See how sunny it is? My eyes are filled with sunshine!

laying in the sun

I have a lot of things to tell you about. The people of this house are obsessed with teency weency little cookie cutters. They cut cheese and fruits with them and make silly things to eat. See how cute they are! Awwww! I could just eat the little cutters themselves!


This is some kind of silly thing to eat. They should have made it to look like me. I don't even know who this silly face is supposed to be. I will tell them to make one in my likeness. Do you think I should threaten to eat the humans if they don't comply? No, on second hand, that is not very nice.

cheese face

Here is a closeup of the diagram that came with those cutters that sparkle so lovely in the sunlight. It is a mystery what the black food is. Can you read Japanese? Oh please you must tell me what it says! I am going to make some blackberry fruit leather in the dehydrator after I have a my four o'clock tea. That will probably work if I can't figure out what the mystery food is.

black food mystery

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Fun workshop time

making egg nog

So some of us decided to make some eggnog to get in the holiday spirit. It didn't really come out that great. By "nog" they mean pistachio shells, right? If you have a favorite eggnog recipe that we could try, please sharrrrrrre...RAWR...I mean, ours realllly came out bad!

Tri-eye Brooches

Also, this is very important: Jenny will be teaching a workshop at Gallery Hanahou in NYC tomorrow at 1pm. We will be making these colorful tri-eye flower brooches. They are fun and easy to make. You can also wear them on a headband or hang them on your Christmas tree or hide them in places where people will be surprised to find them. People like your boss or your cousin. What else could you do with them? Full info on the workshop at the following link + scroll down. Come and join us, it will be fun!

Love, The Colossal Gigantohuggah (who has taken over this blog)

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A very important meeting

monsters under the tree

We monsters have gathered here together under the Christmas tree to discuss some very important matters. First and foremost, we are taking over this blog! Jenny our maker has been a grumpypuss nonblogging sillypants dummyhead all year and we are tired of being boxed away in the closet.

monsters cheer

Second on our list of pressing matters is that we need hugs. We are very lacking in the hugs department. We need REAL hugs and we need them NOW! Thusly, we will also be taking over the sadly neglected shop so that we can all find new homes and live happily ever after.

the monsters catch up

After we get reacquainted with each other and take care of some of the above mentioned affairs, we shall take a break for some cookies, and then we will reconvene to decide which monsters have the right qualities to lead each division of our new operations.

3 out of 5 eyes

Well anyway, we are all going to go take over the kitchen and try and figure out how to make some eggnog now.

Love, The Colossal Gigantohuggah

best meeting ever

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Wishing you an awesome 2010!

Mome Raths
Happy new year! Here are some Mome Raths. They live in California right now at the Go Ask Alice show. Jabberwocky is my favorite poem of all time! It was easy for me to decide what to plushify from the classic story.

Go Ask Alice
Doll and Plush art show
Until January 7
Paul Cumes Fine Art
131 East Anapamu Street
Santa Barbara CA

Isn't it kind of crazy that we are in 2010 now? I don't have any resolutions other than to work hard and do my best. This is the year to really make dreams come true! Right now I am working on my final preparations for Sea Party, which begins this Saturday. Dream come true #1 for 2010 - to be showing off a big bunch of kooky plushes at Art Star! Yay!

What are your resolutions?

And the mome raths outgrabe.
Mome Raths

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Wee Peppermint Beast Workshop

Wee Peppermint Beast Workshop
Here is the Wee Peppermint Beast and his two friends. These fellows are wee, and perfect for hanging on your tree. Come make one of these guys with me at the Wee Peppermint Beast Workshop at Gallery Hanahou in NYC on December 19. Reserve your space now! Hope to see you there! :)

Workshop: Make a Wee Peppermint Beast Ornament with Plush Artist Jenny Harada!
Saturday, December 19, 1-4 pm
Cost: $20
Email to sign up!

The weather had been gloomy and it took me many attempts to photograph these little guys adequately. I just kept adding and and adding lamps. I finally set them up under the winter garden grow lights. Mark is working on setting up my little dream indoor garden as I type. I am so excited to grow spinach indoors this winter. The setup is about 95% complete. Well, until I figure out a better way to photograph plushies, I think the plants are going to get temporarily booted every now and again. If you have any advice for setting up indoor lighting for photography, please do share!
P.S. tips for doing it on the cheap would be preferable because my budget for lighting is approximately $0, haha!

For those of you who won't be able to make it to the workshop but still would like to make yourself a little beast, stay tuned for the pattern, and possibly a kit. In the meantime, if you're feeling Xmassy, you could busy your hands with some elf chum making if you like. We made these creepy little darlings at the Luv-able and Hug-able workshop I led last year and it was a grand old time.

Chums on tree
Hop on over to the Etsy shop for the pattern.

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The Bat Flower

Bat Flower
Here is a little piece entitled Bat Flower that I sent to Monkeyhouse Toys for a charity benefit art show that opens tonight.

5" x 7", fabric, beads, fun fur, embroidery floss, thread, ready to hang in a glittery frame

Info about the show:
A Charity Art Show and Sale
to benefit Junkiri School, Hopeful Vocational
School and Children for Green Nepal

Opening reception on Saturday, September 19th, 5pm-9pm
Work will be on view through September 30th

100% of the proceeds from this show will be going to benefit the Junkiri School, the Hopeful Vocational School, and Children for Green Nepal.

Please visit to learn more about GALA and these wonderful and needed programs.

"Junkiri means firefly in Nepali, the idea of the school's name is that the children create their own light to guide them through life."

Artists include:

Chirag Bangdel
Astha Tuladhar
Amit Baniya
Rabin Maharjan
Sabnum Shrestha
Juju Kaji Maharjan
Bisnu Lama
Josh Taylor
Jenna Colby
Dee Chavez
Mary J. Hoffman
Lauren Preston
John Hicks
Heather Chavez
Carl Lozada
Chris Hartford
Alina Chau
Kelly Thompson
Spooky Daddy
Bee Harris
Donna Letterese
Jenny Harada
Frank Furlong
Christine Velez
Jonathan Bueno
Christian Robles
Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery
1618 1/2 Silver Lake Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

old seal and containers
Here is a velour seal that I made when I was about 10 yrs old. It was commissioned by my grandmother. She kept it on top of her perfectly made bed complete with bedspread for many years. I inherited it back from her about seven years ago. Here she is trying to see which is taller, her or the pile of #6 containers I have saved for a project. If she stands on her tippy flippers, she is indeed taller!

ladybug mater
Bacterial speck has overcome. It has been a bad year for tomatoes, folks. Well it's kinda cute how this one looks like a ladybug anyway. My two yr old noticed it. She was saying, "Ladybug, mommy! Ladybug, mommy!" and it was right in my hand and it took me a while to find the ladybug.

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Me Make Monster

dolly mess up
I was making something with a dolly face but I didn't like that factory mess up blue smear on her forehead. (Some stray junk got embedded in the vinyl making it discolored.) So, I ripped it out and now she looks whiskery. Maybe I will try making a whiskery baby on purpose sometime.

That's how it goes when you are making a book about making monsters. There has been a lot of trial and erRAWRrrr. Many monsters have been made. Many monsters have been destroyed. There are only so many pages in a book, so there are a bunch of extra beasts lurking around too. I'll be sharing some of those bonus projects here some time soon. In the meantime, I am looking for a few good Dr. Frankenstein types to join my crusade. Do you fancy yourself a monster maker extraordinaire? Maybe you'd like to contribute to my monster book. Email me if that's you. jh AT jennyharada DOT com. BTW, that title up there, "Me Make Monster," is also the title of my book! It will be coming out next year from F+W. Check out all their fabulous crafty titles on My Craftivity.

puppy pie
My brother's family got a new puppy and we made this blueberry pie to celebrate. I can't really take any credit for making this, but I can take credit for eating some. I did however made a quiche with the same crust, my sister-in-law's secret crust recipe, and it came out so good. It was a crusty goodness day!

sauce mix
Here is my favorite new special blend for a tasty sauce. One each of apple, tomato, onion, and banana. I am going to super chop these and throw them in the slow cooker in just a bit for tonight's dinner!

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